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My team and I would love to schedule a call with you and discover how we maybe able to help you out.

Leverage our experience, expertise and ability to execute.

Many of our clients tell us how frustrated it has been for them to access a business line of credit, monetize a standby letter of credit with a credible monetizer, or that they would like to learn about trusted private placement programs.

The truth is accessing a trusted and experienced resource makes all of the difference to your success in a marketplace that is full of incorrect information and institutions that can't provide tailor-made solutions.

Titan Group Consulting Services and it's Finance Partner is different.

With a team of 50+ years of experience in international investment experience, we understand how to:

- Provide tailor-made financing where we (and our partners) use our own capital or  banking relationships to assist clients in a ways that traditional banks nor brokers can provide. 

- Monetize various banking instruments at a higher LTV.

- Help clients participate in trusted private placement programs.

Book a discovery call and allow us to:

  • Better understand your objectives, challenges 
  • Provide you with a strategy/execution plan that is suitable for your circumstances
  • Answer any of your questions about business financing, monetizing standby letters of credit, or private placement programs. 
  • Send you all of the documents you need to get started.