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Monetize Bank Instruments

(SBLCs, MTNs, BGs, CDs, etc.)

We help clients purchase a banking instrument, monetize a banking instrument or leverage their banki

Are you frustrated with fake monetizers or providers who can not monetize any kind of an instrument?

Most of our clients, meet 30-40 fake monetizers & intermediaries before they meet Titan Group Consulting Services and our Finance Partners.

If you are a new client, we can provide you with various different case studies on how we are monetizing different banking instruments (SBLCs, DLCs, BGs, CDs, etc.), required paperwork, our fees, closing procedures as well as how to identify the LTV of your banking instrument.

And, when ready to start a transaction, please book a discovery call with a member of our team and allow us to show you how we can help you monetize your banking instrument.

As a trusted firm, we are able to

  • Monetize different banking instruments and provide a higher LTV compared to alternative options.
  • Close and pay out on transactions as little as 7-10 banking days (some restrictions apply).
  • Help purchase or lease different banking instruments below market prices.
  • To only charge 1.5% + 0.5% in broker fees. (some restrictions apply).
  • Please Note: All new clients must complete a KYC, and pay for a background check on their instrument or corporation.

    • purchase or lease a banking instrument…

    • purchase Medium Term Note (MTN)

    • monetize a banking instrument SBLC, DLC

    Banking documents clients need to provide so that we can purchase or lease an instrument are:

    1. Know Your Client Form  (KYC) 
    2. Letter from client's bank indicating the banking officer is ready, willing & able (RWA) to execute the purchase/lease of the banking instrument 
    3. Clear color copy of the client’s passport
    4. Certificate of incorporation of client’s company

    Our 3 easy steps are: 

    Step 1: identifying goals and discussing options:

    Participating clients need to book a consultation call. We will provide a mutual NDA/NCA, an exclusivity letter that ties Line of Credit to perform a service and fee agreement for the client to sign. We will also provide any other forms the client needs to proceed.

    Step 2: Gathering required documents:

    Participating clients will need to provide us with signed and completed paperwork. Once  we have received all of the required paperwork from the client (or their broker), we will countersign the fee agreement, the mutual NDA NCA and will provide a deed of agreement. 

    Step 3: Execution:

    Once the client receives a signed agreement, the client is encouraged to have their legal counsel review the deed of agreement and if satisfied, to sign the agreement. Once a client and related parties have signed all of the required agreements, all parties must execute. 

    Fees & Timelines:

    Our fees are 1.5% of the face value of the instrument, plus 0.5% for broker fees and we can often execute a contract in 7-10 banking days. 

    Please note: Titan Group Consulting Services, LLC and its Financial Partner are not a registered dealer/broker. We provide our capital to a local FDIC insured bank that will underwrite your loan.