Tired of Your Credit Score Working Against You?
Discover the Magic of Seasoned Tradelines

You already know how hard life can be if you have low credit, not enough credit, or you haven’t yet established credit – Simply speaking, without a good credit score, life is expensive. Did know that there is a fast, legal and permanent solution to powering up your credit scores.

If you have no credit history, or if your credit history is short, if you only have a few low limit accounts, even if you’ve never had credit before, or if you want to acquire the larger, more generous credit cards that help make your dreams come true – then YOU need this!

Disclaimer; We work with and have developed working relationships with several third(3rd) party suppliers of seasoned authorized user tradelines in order to provide the best possible service.


A Tradeline is simply a credit account that has been in existence for a time, and has a credit limit, some charges that are being paid regularly and promptly, and is associated with a debtor. The history and limits of a Tradeline are part of the calculations that the credit bureaus formulate in coming up with a credit score.

A Seasoned Tradeline is one with a long history of prompt payments, a low ratio of credit used, a high limit and has been open for a long time. And, Associated Seasoned Tradelines are those that you can become attached to, transferring the credit reporting data from the Seasoned Tradelines to your own credit report. If you add tradelines with a longer history than your own, these increase your credit history accordingly, which will help you realize your dreams and goals – without waiting years for your own accounts to season.


On March 3, 2010, the Federal Reserve board published a report on what they called “piggybacking” – permitting Authorized Users to be added onto a revolving credit card. It explains that a user permitted to be added to an account – even for a short period of time – “may improve an individual’s credit score, potentially increasing access to credit or reducing borrowing costs”

This report explains the process and validates the methodology, but it goes on to conclude that associating creditors on credit accounts actually increases the likelihood that an associate is credit worthy; “these same results suggest that the predictiveness of the credit scoring model without authorized user tradelines is somewhat diminished from that of the model that incorporates authorized user account information. This suggests that authorized user accounts provide useful information and there may be some downside to excluding this information from credit scoring models.”

Can I Use A CPN Or SCN?

No. We only work with Social Security numbers. CPN (Credit Privacy Number) or SCN ( Secondary Credit Number ) are not allowed. ○


We only guarantee 2/3 credit bureaus because we do not have full control over how a specific bank (Chase, Discover, BofA, Citi and etc) will report the authorized user data. Although most of our tradelines tend to post to 3/3 credit bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax, Experian) occasionally they report only to 2/3 bureaus which is what our company guarantee is.

Tradeline FAQ's

Does the data in the order need to match what’s on the bureaus?

Yes, please make sure that the name on the order is on all 3 bureaus. If you use a different name or A.K.A., the line will likely have posting issues.

If I order multiple lines for the same client, can I use the same lender for the lines?

No, duplicate lenders are not allowed for the same client because of potential posting issues. E.G. You can’t order two Discover lines for the same client, or two Capital One lines for the same client, etc

What IDs will work for Discover orders, and do I need IDs for any other lines?

For Discover, only a valid (current) Driver’s License and SSN card (or W2) are acceptable. Without the DL and SS card (or W2), Discover will not add an AU.

●   Please make sure the images are clear and clearly legible. Only file types of .png, .jpg, and .pdf are acceptable (also must be less than 5 mb in size)


: Is there anything I need to know about ordering specific lenders?

If you cannot see the same address on all 3 reports, you will want to stay away from Barclays and Chase.

: If my client has a history with Citibank, can I still order a Citibank line?

No, any relationship that isn’t just a checking account with Citi will result in a Citi order being cancelled.

Can I put a PO Box or business address in the order?

No, all addresses must be residential.

. What lines post to 3/3 bureaus?

We only guarantee 2/3 bureaus for all tradelines, we can't predict which lines will post to 2/3, or 3/3. We also can't predict which bureaus the line will post on. We expect all lines but Wells Fargo to post 3 out of 3, but any line that posts to 2 bureaus is a successful posting.

How long do tradelines stay on?

Most of our tradelines are sold for a minimum of 2 cycles, which is approximately 47-60 days. We also have tradelines that stay on for 3-4 cycles. The 3 and 4 cycles lines are highlighted in green and blue respectively.

Can I buy lines for only one cycle?

No. We sell all of our tradelines for a minimum of 2-cycle increments in order to protect our cardholder and provide the buyer with extended benefits of extra cycle..

Can I use a CPN?

. We do not work with CPNs (Credit Profile Number). We only work with real Social Security numbers

Do you sell Primaries?

We do not sell Primary tradelines, we only use Authorized User tradelines.

Available Tradelines

Please fill out the entire form below | Copy & Paste the COMPLETE Tradeline or Tradelines (from Lender to ID Number) into the section indicated in the submission form. | Once the form is completed you will be redirected to the payment page.
Tradeline IdLenderLimitSpotsStatement DayPosting DayAccount AgePriceCycles
10195CITIBANK$14,02026thApr 13th - Apr 17th16 Years 1 Months$1,5882
80311DISCOVER$30,500123rdMar 30th - Apr 3rd11 Years 0 Months$1,8252
80536BBVA Compass$30,00014thApr 11th - Apr 15th5 Years 10 Months$1,6502
90557DISCOVER$22,500120thMar 27th - Mar 31st5 Years 8 Months$1,6052
90758CITIBANK$10,00018thApr 15th - Apr 19th13 Years 3 Months$1,5002
90840CAPITAL ONE$5,00019thApr 16th - Apr 20th6 Years 7 Months$1,3502
90883CITIBANK$54,00021stApr 8th - Apr 12th20 Years 0 Months$2,8002
90989CITIBANK$23,000117thMar 24th - Mar 28th12 Years 8 Months$1,6102
90999CAPITAL ONE$5,000117thMar 24th - Mar 28th7 Years 2 Months$1,3492
91007BARCLAYS$24,00024thApr 11th - Apr 15th13 Years 5 Months$1,7752
91023CITIBANK$12,000227thApr 3rd - Apr 7th8 Years 4 Months$1,4302
91051BARCLAYS$12,000128thApr 4th - Apr 8th10 Years 9 Months$1,5202
91095CITIBANK$40,00023rdApr 10th - Apr 14th6 Years 3 Months$1,7002
91114CITIBANK$11,500115thMar 22nd - Mar 26th7 Years 3 Months$1,4102
91119DISCOVER$10,300128thApr 4th - Apr 8th13 Years 7 Months$1,4622
91123DISCOVER$40,00023rdApr 10th - Apr 14th11 Years 11 Months$1,9252
91124CAPITAL ONE$5,00027thApr 14th - Apr 18th7 Years 0 Months$1,3673
91130DISCOVER$44,000122ndMar 29th - Apr 2nd14 Years 10 Months$2,1192
91137BARCLAYS$19,00018thApr 15th - Apr 19th7 Years 11 Months$1,4652
91138USBANK$20,000125thApr 1st - Apr 5th7 Years 11 Months$1,4172
91148CAPITAL ONE$11,00015thApr 12th - Apr 16th15 Years 11 Months$1,6003
91157Fidelity/Elan$20,000125thApr 1st - Apr 5th8 Years 3 Months$1,5752
91161DISCOVER$4,000120thMar 27th - Mar 31st7 Years 3 Months$1,2952
91167CITIBANK$24,000220thMar 27th - Mar 31st5 Years 7 Months$1,4752
91181USBANK$14,000225thApr 1st - Apr 5th8 Years 0 Months$1,4502
91182BARCLAYS$16,000113thMar 20th - Mar 24th6 Years 6 Months$1,3402
91185PNC$17,500120thMar 27th - Mar 31st5 Years 3 Months$1,5202
91189CAPITAL ONE$10,000217thMar 24th - Mar 28th4 Years 8 Months$1,5433
91195CAPITAL ONE$20,00015thApr 12th - Apr 16th6 Years 11 Months$1,5363
91197CAPITAL ONE$5,40018thApr 15th - Apr 19th15 Years 4 Months$1,5803
91198CITIBANK$16,80022ndApr 9th - Apr 13th4 Years 6 Months$1,2892
91208CAPITAL ONE$4,750122ndMar 29th - Apr 2nd12 Years 1 Months$1,3853
91211CITIBANK$11,30012ndApr 9th - Apr 13th5 Years 1 Months$1,2502
91213USBANK$18,000225thApr 1st - Apr 5th4 Years 10 Months$1,4502
91218BARCLAYS$25,00025thApr 12th - Apr 16th6 Years 8 Months$1,4802
91219CAPITAL ONE$13,00028thApr 15th - Apr 19th6 Years 9 Months$1,4203
91225BARCLAYS$20,001121stMar 28th - Apr 1st5 Years 8 Months$1,3902
91226CITIBANK$25,00028thApr 15th - Apr 19th5 Years 1 Months$1,5252
91230CITIBANK$17,70017thApr 14th - Apr 18th8 Years 0 Months$1,5252
91231BARCLAYS$30,500119thMar 26th - Mar 30th7 Years 9 Months$1,7002
91232CITIBANK$17,000319thMar 26th - Mar 30th5 Years 2 Months$1,3182
91233BARCLAYS$25,000221stMar 28th - Apr 1st5 Years 10 Months$1,6152
91234DISCOVER$19,900127thApr 3rd - Apr 7th5 Years 8 Months$1,5002
91239BARCLAYS$29,00028thApr 15th - Apr 19th5 Years 0 Months$1,5342
91241CITIBANK$15,300218thMar 25th - Mar 29th5 Years 11 Months$1,3582
91243CITIBANK$22,000126thApr 2nd - Apr 6th7 Years 8 Months$1,4712
91249DISCOVER$11,20017thApr 14th - Apr 18th11 Years 10 Months$1,6002
91255CITIBANK$10,000127thApr 3rd - Apr 7th5 Years 5 Months$1,2682
91269DISCOVER$20,90023rdApr 10th - Apr 14th4 Years 11 Months$1,4482
91284DISCOVER$22,50021stApr 8th - Apr 12th21 Years 5 Months$1,8362
91286DISCOVER$16,30023rdApr 10th - Apr 14th8 Years 4 Months$1,4262
91295BARCLAYS$10,00018thApr 15th - Apr 19th6 Years 2 Months$1,2342
91296DISCOVER$23,00026thApr 13th - Apr 17th6 Years 8 Months$1,5702
91297USAA$35,000111thMar 18th - Mar 22nd6 Years 2 Months$1,7903
91302BARCLAYS$20,001228thApr 4th - Apr 8th4 Years 9 Months$1,3722
91303CAPITAL ONE$5,000127thApr 3rd - Apr 7th12 Years 2 Months$1,4752
91306CAPITAL ONE$12,75025thApr 12th - Apr 16th8 Years 6 Months$1,4303
91307DISCOVER$16,90011stApr 8th - Apr 12th7 Years 3 Months$1,3402
91310BARCLAYS$37,60014thApr 11th - Apr 15th4 Years 7 Months$1,6552
91312CITIBANK$8,000119thMar 26th - Mar 30th6 Years 5 Months$1,3252
91315CITIBANK$30,00024thApr 11th - Apr 15th11 Years 2 Months$1,7782
91322DISCOVER$33,900117thMar 24th - Mar 28th4 Years 9 Months$1,7252
91350CHASE$18,000118thMar 25th - Mar 29th8 Years 9 Months$1,7804
91353CITIBANK$6,80013rdApr 10th - Apr 14th4 Years 3 Months$1,2152
91354BARCLAYS$10,00013rdApr 10th - Apr 14th3 Years 11 Months$1,1832
91357DISCOVER$23,00012ndApr 9th - Apr 13th6 Years 10 Months$1,5432
91365CHASE$2,000124thMar 31st - Apr 4th6 Years 8 Months$1,4204
91372CITIBANK$27,000217thMar 24th - Mar 28th5 Years 2 Months$1,5882
91375BARCLAYS$16,500114thMar 21st - Mar 25th4 Years 5 Months$1,3802
91402BARCLAYS$20,000112thMar 19th - Mar 23rd4 Years 5 Months$1,4752
91409CAPITAL ONE$10,000218thMar 25th - Mar 29th3 Years 8 Months$1,5163
91417USBANK$15,000125thApr 1st - Apr 5th3 Years 3 Months$1,2682
91420USBANK$15,000125thApr 1st - Apr 5th3 Years 6 Months$1,3952
91422BARCLAYS$15,00019thApr 16th - Apr 20th3 Years 11 Months$1,3002
91426Bank of America$17,000221stMar 28th - Apr 1st3 Years 9 Months$1,5454
91441Fidelity/Elan$55,500226thApr 2nd - Apr 6th11 Years 7 Months$2,1052
91443DISCOVER$25,00011stApr 8th - Apr 12th4 Years 1 Months$1,5202
91450Bank of America$12,000116thMar 23rd - Mar 27th4 Years 9 Months$1,5304
91455BARCLAYS$20,000120thMar 27th - Mar 31st3 Years 7 Months$1,4202
91465CHASE$10,800117thMar 24th - Mar 28th6 Years 11 Months$1,4984
91470CITIBANK$19,50014thApr 11th - Apr 15th4 Years 5 Months$1,4402
91481TD BANK$3,000124thMar 31st - Apr 4th3 Years 5 Months$1,0252
91482BARCLAYS$3,20011stApr 8th - Apr 12th2 Years 9 Months$1,1752
91483BARCLAYS$16,000221stMar 28th - Apr 1st7 Years 4 Months$1,3582
91484CHASE$23,000222ndMar 29th - Apr 2nd6 Years 3 Months$1,6004
91486CITIBANK$5,50024thApr 11th - Apr 15th5 Years 1 Months$1,2952
91488Bank of America$23,100219thMar 26th - Mar 30th3 Years 10 Months$1,4894
91493CITIBANK$23,00011stApr 8th - Apr 12th3 Years 1 Months$1,4752
91498USBANK$18,000225thApr 1st - Apr 5th4 Years 3 Months$1,4202
91510CAPITAL ONE$20,00017thApr 14th - Apr 18th4 Years 6 Months$1,4703
91512CITIBANK$22,00029thApr 16th - Apr 20th3 Years 10 Months$1,3672
91517BARCLAYS$42,100212thMar 19th - Mar 23rd6 Years 3 Months$1,7902
91519CHASE$10,000228thApr 4th - Apr 8th4 Years 4 Months$1,4084
91523Fidelity/Elan$20,000224thMar 31st - Apr 4th7 Years 2 Months$1,5502
91524CAPITAL ONE$5,00019thApr 16th - Apr 20th6 Years 8 Months$1,4603
91530CHASE$18,000222ndMar 29th - Apr 2nd6 Years 2 Months$1,6604
91532CITIBANK$9,40017thApr 14th - Apr 18th4 Years 2 Months$1,2102
91533CITIBANK$9,000216thMar 23rd - Mar 27th3 Years 9 Months$1,1602
91543BARCLAYS$36,00011stApr 8th - Apr 12th6 Years 2 Months$1,5162
91545BBVA Compass$10,00024thApr 11th - Apr 15th6 Years 10 Months$1,3092
91546Bank of America$26,000216thMar 23rd - Mar 27th6 Years 7 Months$1,6334
91551DISCOVER$11,500228thApr 4th - Apr 8th6 Years 3 Months$1,3362
91560BBVA Compass$9,80026thApr 13th - Apr 17th8 Years 6 Months$1,3952
91561Fidelity/Elan$9,000224thMar 31st - Apr 4th7 Years 1 Months$1,3752
91562BARCLAYS$17,50021stApr 8th - Apr 12th6 Years 7 Months$1,5002
91563USBANK$19,500125thApr 1st - Apr 5th6 Years 3 Months$1,4302
91568TD BANK$6,500117thMar 24th - Mar 28th3 Years 1 Months$1,2002
91569USBANK$25,000125thApr 1st - Apr 5th3 Years 1 Months$1,5852
91576CITIBANK$23,50026thApr 13th - Apr 17th14 Years 5 Months$1,7252
91577DISCOVER$10,700122ndMar 29th - Apr 2nd17 Years 10 Months$1,7552
91578DISCOVER$6,000122ndMar 29th - Apr 2nd19 Years 11 Months$1,6552
91580USBANK$24,500125thApr 1st - Apr 5th6 Years 4 Months$1,5252
91584BARCLAYS$30,00019thApr 16th - Apr 20th11 Years 9 Months$1,5432
91596BARCLAYS$30,000127thApr 3rd - Apr 7th3 Years 6 Months$1,4442
91600BARCLAYS$17,000216thMar 23rd - Mar 27th7 Years 0 Months$1,5152
91602NFCU$25,000111thMar 18th - Mar 22nd4 Years 10 Months$1,6603
91616DISCOVER$21,000227thApr 3rd - Apr 7th6 Years 6 Months$1,5552
91638CITIBANK$35,000127thApr 3rd - Apr 7th5 Years 5 Months$1,6902
91640BARCLAYS$30,900221stMar 28th - Apr 1st3 Years 9 Months$1,5202
91641BARCLAYS$21,000116thMar 23rd - Mar 27th8 Years 1 Months$1,4442
91642Fidelity/Elan$25,000125thApr 1st - Apr 5th8 Years 7 Months$1,6002
91660WELLS FARGO$20,500119thMar 26th - Mar 30th3 Years 5 Months$1,4752
91687CITIBANK$20,000222ndMar 29th - Apr 2nd4 Years 9 Months$1,4502
91700PNC$9,500122ndMar 29th - Apr 2nd12 Years 4 Months$1,4952
91703CHASE$42,000112thMar 19th - Mar 23rd9 Years 0 Months$2,0874
91705NFCU$24,50014thApr 11th - Apr 15th6 Years 7 Months$1,6203
91706DISCOVER$23,600227thApr 3rd - Apr 7th4 Years 11 Months$1,5202
91708CHASE$30,800210thApr 17th - Apr 21st4 Years 7 Months$1,8954
91709CAPITAL ONE$20,00012ndApr 9th - Apr 13th6 Years 6 Months$1,5293
91711BARCLAYS$20,50011stApr 8th - Apr 12th4 Years 9 Months$1,3042
91712BARCLAYS$24,000114thMar 21st - Mar 25th2 Years 7 Months$1,3632
91714BARCLAYS$10,00021stApr 8th - Apr 12th2 Years 6 Months$1,1402
91715BARCLAYS$5,00016thApr 13th - Apr 17th2 Years 0 Months$1,3002
91717Fidelity/Elan$18,000225thApr 1st - Apr 5th2 Years 0 Months$1,4352
91719CAPITAL ONE$11,000218thMar 25th - Mar 29th3 Years 3 Months$1,3813
91720CHASE$10,800117thMar 24th - Mar 28th2 Years 8 Months$1,4084
91721BARCLAYS$25,000218thMar 25th - Mar 29th2 Years 9 Months$1,3852
91725Fidelity/Elan$13,500225thApr 1st - Apr 5th4 Years 2 Months$1,3752
91728BARCLAYS$7,50018thApr 15th - Apr 19th2 Years 1 Months$1,2002
91731BARCLAYS$30,000121stMar 28th - Apr 1st3 Years 4 Months$1,4352
91732CAPITAL ONE$15,00027thApr 14th - Apr 18th2 Years 4 Months$1,5003
91733BARCLAYS$4,50013rdApr 10th - Apr 14th1 Years 11 Months$9582
91734BARCLAYS$2,50025thApr 12th - Apr 16th2 Years 8 Months$1,0402
91736USBANK$17,500125thApr 1st - Apr 5th2 Years 0 Months$1,3002
91737BARCLAYS$25,000221stMar 28th - Apr 1st4 Years 11 Months$1,4172
91740CHASE$12,300116thMar 23rd - Mar 27th2 Years 4 Months$1,3904
91741BARCLAYS$25,000113thMar 20th - Mar 24th4 Years 2 Months$1,4952
91747TD BANK$10,000124thMar 31st - Apr 4th2 Years 0 Months$1,2952
91748Bank of America$13,000125thApr 1st - Apr 5th3 Years 4 Months$1,4444
91749CHASE$15,000214thMar 21st - Mar 25th2 Years 8 Months$1,4634
91752CAPITAL ONE$10,000118thMar 25th - Mar 29th3 Years 10 Months$1,4103
91753Bank of America$14,000221stMar 28th - Apr 1st3 Years 6 Months$1,5254
91754CHASE$15,000227thApr 3rd - Apr 7th3 Years 6 Months$1,5252
91760BARCLAYS$2,800120thMar 27th - Mar 31st3 Years 1 Months$1,1002
91765CHASE$26,00018thApr 15th - Apr 19th5 Years 8 Months$1,5654
91769BARCLAYS$30,50023rdApr 10th - Apr 14th3 Years 9 Months$1,4042
91770CITIBANK$29,70018thApr 15th - Apr 19th14 Years 3 Months$1,8952
91778Fidelity/Elan$18,900225thApr 1st - Apr 5th7 Years 9 Months$1,4502
91780DISCOVER$13,800121stMar 28th - Apr 1st5 Years 6 Months$1,4002
91781CHASE$32,00017thApr 14th - Apr 18th4 Years 2 Months$1,8204
91782BARCLAYS$17,500121stMar 28th - Apr 1st9 Years 10 Months$1,5342
91783Bank of America$10,00013rdApr 10th - Apr 14th4 Years 11 Months$1,5294
91784BARCLAYS$18,00022ndApr 9th - Apr 13th2 Years 3 Months$1,3272
91785DISCOVER$22,70023rdApr 10th - Apr 14th2 Years 4 Months$1,4152
91789CAPITAL ONE$15,000227thApr 3rd - Apr 7th2 Years 5 Months$1,4353
91792Bank of America$33,600123rdMar 30th - Apr 3rd3 Years 1 Months$1,7754
91793Synch$20,000126thApr 2nd - Apr 6th9 Years 3 Months$1,4082
91794CAPITAL ONE$30,000127thApr 3rd - Apr 7th2 Years 3 Months$1,5702
91801CITIBANK$20,50026thApr 13th - Apr 17th10 Years 6 Months$1,5882
91802DISCOVER$31,400124thMar 31st - Apr 4th7 Years 9 Months$1,6872
91806BARCLAYS$35,90019thApr 16th - Apr 20th4 Years 6 Months$1,6502
91810NFCU$25,00029thApr 16th - Apr 20th10 Years 5 Months$1,6753
91812Bank of America$21,000117thMar 24th - Mar 28th6 Years 2 Months$1,5384
91816PNC$16,000119thMar 26th - Mar 30th7 Years 1 Months$1,4172
91819CAPITAL ONE$5,00028thApr 15th - Apr 19th9 Years 7 Months$1,5853
91820Bank of America$55,000121stMar 28th - Apr 1st9 Years 0 Months$2,2404
91821BARCLAYS$50,00027thApr 14th - Apr 18th7 Years 1 Months$1,9502
91826PNC$6,00016thApr 13th - Apr 17th1 Years 5 Months$1,0032
91827CHASE$21,50021stApr 8th - Apr 12th8 Years 10 Months$1,7504
91828Fidelity/Elan$40,000125thApr 1st - Apr 5th10 Years 5 Months$2,0252
91829BARCLAYS$39,00015thApr 12th - Apr 16th6 Years 2 Months$1,6242
91830DISCOVER$9,500124thMar 31st - Apr 4th12 Years 1 Months$1,5452
91831BARCLAYS$5,000228thApr 4th - Apr 8th5 Years 11 Months$1,2502
91834BARCLAYS$14,750116thMar 23rd - Mar 27th8 Years 2 Months$1,2952
91835PNC$16,000120thMar 27th - Mar 31st13 Years 9 Months$1,7752
91836PNC$23,00018thApr 15th - Apr 19th4 Years 4 Months$1,4392
91837CHASE$41,00021stApr 8th - Apr 12th13 Years 5 Months$2,1404
91838BARCLAYS$22,000121stMar 28th - Apr 1st6 Years 10 Months$1,4302
91839CHASE$68,000128thApr 4th - Apr 8th5 Years 4 Months$2,2634
91845CAPITAL ONE$10,000216thMar 23rd - Mar 27th2 Years 0 Months$1,4003
91846TD BANK$15,00021stApr 8th - Apr 12th12 Years 6 Months$1,6902
91851USAA$24,50017thApr 14th - Apr 18th1 Years 4 Months$1,1002
91853Fidelity/Elan$23,000225thApr 1st - Apr 5th2 Years 8 Months$1,4502
91856CAPITAL ONE$10,000122ndMar 29th - Apr 2nd5 Years 7 Months$1,4403
91858DISCOVER$9,700123rdMar 30th - Apr 3rd7 Years 1 Months$1,4202
91865CHASE$30,600114thMar 21st - Mar 25th3 Years 2 Months$1,5024
91867CHASE$43,00018thApr 15th - Apr 19th2 Years 7 Months$2,0204
91868Bank of America$12,000225thApr 1st - Apr 5th3 Years 5 Months$1,4504
91869Bank of America$21,000119thMar 26th - Mar 30th1 Years 10 Months$1,3502
91870CHASE$10,00019thApr 16th - Apr 20th5 Years 6 Months$1,4504
91871CHASE$21,000220thMar 27th - Mar 31st3 Years 5 Months$1,5434
91872CHASE$21,000219thMar 26th - Mar 30th2 Years 7 Months$1,5754
91874Bank of America$17,60018thApr 15th - Apr 19th2 Years 8 Months$1,4984
91875BARCLAYS$23,000116thMar 23rd - Mar 27th13 Years 5 Months$1,7252
91876DISCOVER$21,200124thMar 31st - Apr 4th5 Years 6 Months$1,5052
91879CHASE$15,000115thMar 22nd - Mar 26th6 Years 1 Months$1,4754
91881DISCOVER$17,60018thApr 15th - Apr 19th5 Years 6 Months$1,4082
91882CHASE$21,00017thApr 14th - Apr 18th7 Years 4 Months$1,8504
91885USBANK$10,000225thApr 1st - Apr 5th2 Years 3 Months$1,3502
91887DISCOVER$20,100124thMar 31st - Apr 4th7 Years 3 Months$1,7502
91889CHASE$25,900227thApr 3rd - Apr 7th4 Years 9 Months$1,7004
91891CITIBANK$10,50029thApr 16th - Apr 20th2 Years 2 Months$1,2502
91892NFCU$29,00027thApr 14th - Apr 18th5 Years 8 Months$1,6943
91894CHASE$11,000119thMar 26th - Mar 30th6 Years 4 Months$1,5504
91896Bank of America$11,000221stMar 28th - Apr 1st4 Years 8 Months$1,5754
91897DISCOVER$19,000120thMar 27th - Mar 31st14 Years 7 Months$1,7652
91901CITIBANK$6,50013rdApr 10th - Apr 14th5 Years 1 Months$1,2502
91902CITIBANK$6,00012ndApr 9th - Apr 13th9 Years 9 Months$1,3812
91903USBANK$25,000225thApr 1st - Apr 5th2 Years 6 Months$1,6202
91904CAPITAL ONE$30,000216thMar 23rd - Mar 27th2 Years 3 Months$1,4933
91905BARCLAYS$12,500114thMar 21st - Mar 25th2 Years 0 Months$1,2502
91907DISCOVER$11,500222ndMar 29th - Apr 2nd8 Years 3 Months$1,5252
91909CHASE$11,500224thMar 31st - Apr 4th4 Years 11 Months$1,5604
91910CHASE$29,000224thMar 31st - Apr 4th4 Years 6 Months$1,6784
91914Fidelity/Elan$24,500125thApr 1st - Apr 5th1 Years 2 Months$1,1502
91916Bank of America$5,000110thApr 17th - Apr 21st2 Years 2 Months$1,4004
91919BARCLAYS$18,00021stApr 8th - Apr 12th5 Years 11 Months$1,4952
91920CAPITAL ONE$11,000115thMar 22nd - Mar 26th3 Years 11 Months$1,4253
91923CAPITAL ONE$34,00021stApr 8th - Apr 12th3 Years 6 Months$1,6753
91925CHASE$24,000210thApr 17th - Apr 21st2 Years 11 Months$1,6504
91927CITIBANK$22,800223rdMar 30th - Apr 3rd6 Years 11 Months$1,5752
91928DISCOVER$20,00021stApr 8th - Apr 12th3 Years 5 Months$1,4502
91929CHASE$12,00012ndApr 9th - Apr 13th4 Years 2 Months$1,4264
91930CHASE$15,000123rdMar 30th - Apr 3rd3 Years 0 Months$1,5354
91931BARCLAYS$12,00017thApr 14th - Apr 18th2 Years 6 Months$1,2502
91932CHASE$15,250227thApr 3rd - Apr 7th4 Years 7 Months$1,4984
91933CHASE$10,250127thApr 3rd - Apr 7th4 Years 0 Months$1,5254
91935USBANK$14,000125thApr 1st - Apr 5th3 Years 3 Months$1,3952
91936USBANK$10,000225thApr 1st - Apr 5th3 Years 1 Months$1,3752
91937CHASE$24,00014thApr 11th - Apr 15th2 Years 0 Months$1,6004
91939BARCLAYS$15,500221stMar 28th - Apr 1st3 Years 3 Months$1,2952
91940BARCLAYS$16,00022ndApr 9th - Apr 13th4 Years 2 Months$1,3402
91941CAPITAL ONE$30,000127thApr 3rd - Apr 7th2 Years 2 Months$1,2002
91943BARCLAYS$30,000127thApr 3rd - Apr 7th3 Years 4 Months$1,4352
91944BARCLAYS$5,00017thApr 14th - Apr 18th1 Years 7 Months$9752
91948BARCLAYS$15,00025thApr 12th - Apr 16th2 Years 7 Months$1,3102
91949DISCOVER$8,400121stMar 28th - Apr 1st2 Years 0 Months$1,2202
91951DISCOVER$3,100117thMar 24th - Mar 28th2 Years 8 Months$1,1832
91952CHASE$9,60011stApr 8th - Apr 12th6 Years 1 Months$1,5204
91953BARCLAYS$20,000223rdMar 30th - Apr 3rd1 Years 4 Months$1,1152
91954PNC$17,500122ndMar 29th - Apr 2nd1 Years 7 Months$1,0352
91958CITIBANK$10,100119thMar 26th - Mar 30th5 Years 8 Months$1,4002
91959CITIBANK$6,60018thApr 15th - Apr 19th4 Years 1 Months$1,2352
91962CAPITAL ONE$30,000112thMar 19th - Mar 23rd2 Years 6 Months$1,5383
91964CITIBANK$20,150127thApr 3rd - Apr 7th12 Years 2 Months$1,7752
91967CHASE$11,60016thApr 13th - Apr 17th1 Years 3 Months$9952
91971DISCOVER$42,600123rdMar 30th - Apr 3rd7 Years 6 Months$2,0202
91972BARCLAYS$41,00025thApr 12th - Apr 16th3 Years 7 Months$1,6402
91975DISCOVER$30,90013rdApr 10th - Apr 14th4 Years 1 Months$1,5652
91976CAPITAL ONE$14,00012ndApr 9th - Apr 13th4 Years 2 Months$1,4263
91977USBANK$25,000225thApr 1st - Apr 5th2 Years 10 Months$1,6502
91984CHASE$27,000227thApr 3rd - Apr 7th4 Years 11 Months$1,7704
91987Fidelity/Elan$10,000225thApr 1st - Apr 5th6 Years 2 Months$1,3952
91989TD BANK$15,00011stApr 8th - Apr 12th5 Years 4 Months$1,4202
91990BARCLAYS$30,100227thApr 3rd - Apr 7th2 Years 11 Months$1,4442
91995CHASE$20,50012ndApr 9th - Apr 13th14 Years 6 Months$1,9524
91999CAPITAL ONE$30,000218thMar 25th - Mar 29th2 Years 2 Months$1,5553
92004CHASE$2,600215thMar 22nd - Mar 26th6 Years 8 Months$1,3764
92011CHASE$27,00022ndApr 9th - Apr 13th3 Years 2 Months$1,6464
92012Bank of America$41,000113thMar 20th - Mar 24th3 Years 0 Months$1,9664
92013Fidelity/Elan$12,500225thApr 1st - Apr 5th9 Years 0 Months$1,4402
92018CHASE$21,84511stApr 8th - Apr 12th8 Years 7 Months$1,9754
92019USBANK$25,000225thApr 1st - Apr 5th1 Years 7 Months$1,1152
92020CHASE$10,50511stApr 8th - Apr 12th3 Years 11 Months$1,5304
92022BARCLAYS$20,00025thApr 12th - Apr 16th3 Years 11 Months$1,4302
92030CHASE$35,800119thMar 26th - Mar 30th3 Years 7 Months$1,7454
92032BARCLAYS$24,00021stApr 8th - Apr 12th5 Years 8 Months$1,5852
92040BARCLAYS$15,000220thMar 27th - Mar 31st2 Years 3 Months$1,2372
92044DISCOVER$10,400227thApr 3rd - Apr 7th7 Years 6 Months$1,4302
92045CITIBANK$21,20015thApr 12th - Apr 16th9 Years 7 Months$1,4642
92048BARCLAYS$16,50015thApr 12th - Apr 16th3 Years 6 Months$1,3042
92049Bank of America$13,000217thMar 24th - Mar 28th2 Years 8 Months$1,4304
92050USBANK$11,000125thApr 1st - Apr 5th4 Years 7 Months$1,3652
92051Bank of America$20,500217thMar 24th - Mar 28th2 Years 8 Months$1,5164
92052Fidelity/Elan$20,500225thApr 1st - Apr 5th6 Years 8 Months$1,5352
92053CITIBANK$7,30016thApr 13th - Apr 17th2 Years 8 Months$1,1802
92055CHASE$27,50014thApr 11th - Apr 15th8 Years 2 Months$1,8254
92057Fidelity/Elan$12,500225thApr 1st - Apr 5th5 Years 11 Months$1,4352
92058CITIBANK$14,40011stApr 8th - Apr 12th3 Years 0 Months$1,3502
92059CITIBANK$22,800122ndMar 29th - Apr 2nd17 Years 4 Months$1,9002
92060Bank of America$10,000112thMar 19th - Mar 23rd3 Years 6 Months$1,4754
92061DISCOVER$11,10011stApr 8th - Apr 12th4 Years 2 Months$1,2402
92063Bank of America$12,000224thMar 31st - Apr 4th5 Years 7 Months$1,5804
92064DISCOVER$20,00018thApr 15th - Apr 19th4 Years 4 Months$1,4502
92065BARCLAYS$14,000120thMar 27th - Mar 31st2 Years 7 Months$1,2462
92066DISCOVER$20,000227thApr 3rd - Apr 7th7 Years 6 Months$1,6552
92067BARCLAYS$20,000123rdMar 30th - Apr 3rd2 Years 10 Months$1,3272
92081DISCOVER$28,000224thMar 31st - Apr 4th5 Years 6 Months$1,5382
92082Fidelity/Elan$25,000225thApr 1st - Apr 5th5 Years 10 Months$1,6252
92083CHASE$10,500215thMar 22nd - Mar 26th8 Years 1 Months$1,5354
92084CHASE$20,50011stApr 8th - Apr 12th10 Years 6 Months$1,8854
92085Bank of America$10,00026thApr 13th - Apr 17th2 Years 9 Months$1,4264
92086BARCLAYS$11,000218thMar 25th - Mar 29th2 Years 9 Months$1,2052
92088CITIBANK$36,20012ndApr 9th - Apr 13th13 Years 3 Months$1,8802
92092BARCLAYS$16,000227thApr 3rd - Apr 7th2 Years 6 Months$1,3602
92093CAPITAL ONE$10,000111thMar 18th - Mar 22nd2 Years 1 Months$1,4003
92096BARCLAYS$31,00017thApr 14th - Apr 18th2 Years 11 Months$1,5302
92101CAPITAL ONE$33,000221stMar 28th - Apr 1st2 Years 1 Months$1,6903
92102CITIBANK$20,000110thApr 17th - Apr 21st2 Years 1 Months$1,4302
92103DISCOVER$10,000227thApr 3rd - Apr 7th11 Years 0 Months$1,5352
92104USBANK$25,000125thApr 1st - Apr 5th3 Years 9 Months$1,5952
92105USBANK$24,000225thApr 1st - Apr 5th2 Years 2 Months$1,4752
92108BARCLAYS$25,000127thApr 3rd - Apr 7th2 Years 5 Months$1,4152
92109BARCLAYS$19,600221stMar 28th - Apr 1st3 Years 1 Months$1,3542
92110DISCOVER$9,50021stApr 8th - Apr 12th3 Years 3 Months$1,1962
92111Fidelity/Elan$11,000125thApr 1st - Apr 5th6 Years 11 Months$1,3362
92113CAPITAL ONE$15,00027thApr 14th - Apr 18th6 Years 1 Months$1,5153
92118Bank of America$6,00016thApr 13th - Apr 17th5 Years 0 Months$1,5204
92119Bank of America$6,000116thMar 23rd - Mar 27th4 Years 8 Months$1,5004
92122DISCOVER$21,00013rdApr 10th - Apr 14th4 Years 2 Months$1,4302
92124DISCOVER$10,000213thMar 20th - Mar 24th17 Years 9 Months$1,7152
92127CAPITAL ONE$14,00015thApr 12th - Apr 16th6 Years 1 Months$1,5153
92129BARCLAYS$10,00022ndApr 9th - Apr 13th4 Years 7 Months$1,2192
92133CITIBANK$11,500111thMar 18th - Mar 22nd7 Years 4 Months$1,4152
92135BARCLAYS$20,000218thMar 25th - Mar 29th3 Years 4 Months$1,3762
92136DISCOVER$15,00017thApr 14th - Apr 18th3 Years 8 Months$1,3852
92138DISCOVER$4,20023rdApr 10th - Apr 14th2 Years 9 Months$1,1922
92142CHASE$8,500225thApr 1st - Apr 5th7 Years 7 Months$1,5004
92143USBANK$25,000225thApr 1st - Apr 5th2 Years 8 Months$1,6302
92145Huntington Bank$10,000117thMar 24th - Mar 28th5 Years 10 Months$1,2732
92147DISCOVER$3,000120thMar 27th - Mar 31st2 Years 8 Months$1,1692
92151BARCLAYS$5,00025thApr 12th - Apr 16th2 Years 4 Months$1,1082
92153CHASE$20,099210thApr 17th - Apr 21st2 Years 6 Months$1,7004
92154Bank of America$10,00023rdApr 10th - Apr 14th4 Years 10 Months$1,5074
92155Bank of America$10,000217thMar 24th - Mar 28th4 Years 1 Months$1,5384
92161BARCLAYS$16,500218thMar 25th - Mar 29th2 Years 7 Months$1,3182
92162WELLS FARGO$50,00013rdApr 10th - Apr 14th14 Years 0 Months$2,2502
92164Bank of America$21,000123rdMar 30th - Apr 3rd3 Years 6 Months$1,5504
92165Bank of America$15,00027thApr 14th - Apr 18th3 Years 3 Months$1,5204
92166DISCOVER$20,70016thApr 13th - Apr 17th7 Years 4 Months$1,5652
92169CITIBANK$32,00021stApr 8th - Apr 12th6 Years 3 Months$1,6952
92170Fidelity/Elan$16,000125thApr 1st - Apr 5th7 Years 3 Months$1,4152
92173DISCOVER$9,50013rdApr 10th - Apr 14th18 Years 3 Months$1,6192
92174DISCOVER$11,50023rdApr 10th - Apr 14th12 Years 9 Months$1,6002
92175DISCOVER$20,000120thMar 27th - Mar 31st18 Years 1 Months$1,9752
92181PNC$17,500117thMar 24th - Mar 28th2 Years 8 Months$1,2732
92182CHASE$20,000222ndMar 29th - Apr 2nd6 Years 3 Months$1,7004
92183CHASE$7,00027thApr 14th - Apr 18th6 Years 3 Months$1,5354
92184USBANK$19,000225thApr 1st - Apr 5th2 Years 2 Months$1,3152
92189BARCLAYS$11,500120thMar 27th - Mar 31st2 Years 11 Months$1,3002
92191CITIBANK$22,000227thApr 3rd - Apr 7th16 Years 7 Months$1,8202
92192CITIBANK$9,50016thApr 13th - Apr 17th2 Years 0 Months$1,1952
92195USBANK$16,200125thApr 1st - Apr 5th5 Years 4 Months$1,4102
92196CAPITAL ONE$20,00015thApr 12th - Apr 16th1 Years 9 Months$1,0502
92201CHASE$9,20018thApr 15th - Apr 19th2 Years 6 Months$1,4504
92202DISCOVER$35,000220thMar 27th - Mar 31st4 Years 3 Months$1,7952
92208PNC$15,00017thApr 14th - Apr 18th6 Years 1 Months$1,5002
92210Fidelity/Elan$15,000125thApr 1st - Apr 5th13 Years 1 Months$1,6502
92211BARCLAYS$25,00018thApr 15th - Apr 19th8 Years 3 Months$1,7002
92213Bank of America$10,500117thMar 24th - Mar 28th2 Years 4 Months$1,4084
92214USBANK$18,500125thApr 1st - Apr 5th2 Years 4 Months$1,3202
92218CHASE$20,500222ndMar 29th - Apr 2nd2 Years 3 Months$1,5504
92219CITIBANK$20,500221stMar 28th - Apr 1st5 Years 2 Months$1,4952
92220CAPITAL ONE$5,00027thApr 14th - Apr 18th6 Years 9 Months$1,4653
92221Fidelity/Elan$15,700125thApr 1st - Apr 5th0 Years 8 Months$9952
92222BARCLAYS$16,000318thMar 25th - Mar 29th3 Years 7 Months$1,3002
92224DISCOVER$20,00016thApr 13th - Apr 17th7 Years 1 Months$1,5252
92228Bank of America$32,20011stApr 8th - Apr 12th8 Years 10 Months$2,0004
92229BARCLAYS$20,50028thApr 15th - Apr 19th4 Years 1 Months$1,3272
92230BARCLAYS$18,500220thMar 27th - Mar 31st3 Years 8 Months$1,2422
92231BARCLAYS$21,00019thApr 16th - Apr 20th2 Years 5 Months$1,4152
92232Fidelity/Elan$20,000125thApr 1st - Apr 5th9 Years 1 Months$1,5952
92233CITIBANK$10,500227thApr 3rd - Apr 7th7 Years 7 Months$1,4152
92234CHASE$40,300121stMar 28th - Apr 1st2 Years 4 Months$1,9004
92235BARCLAYS$15,400216thMar 23rd - Mar 27th2 Years 2 Months$1,2002
92236DISCOVER$24,000222ndMar 29th - Apr 2nd4 Years 3 Months$1,5152
92238DISCOVER$3,500223rdMar 30th - Apr 3rd0 Years 6 Months$1,1002
92239CAPITAL ONE$10,00026thApr 13th - Apr 17th2 Years 7 Months$1,4153
92241CITIBANK$19,50015thApr 12th - Apr 16th14 Years 4 Months$1,7502
92242BARCLAYS$7,500116thMar 23rd - Mar 27th2 Years 0 Months$1,1952
92243BARCLAYS$7,00031stApr 8th - Apr 12th3 Years 8 Months$1,2252
92244CITIBANK$12,00028thApr 15th - Apr 19th2 Years 2 Months$1,2952

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